Do you offer any package deals or financing options for Forever Bare BBL laser hair removal at House of Aesthetics in Huntington Beach?

At House of Aesthetics Huntington Beach, we understand that achieving your desired hair removal results with Forever Bare BBL is an investment. That’s why we offer various options to make your treatments more affordable:

  • Package Deals: Take advantage of package deals, where purchasing multiple sessions of Forever Bare BBL often comes with a discount compared to paying for single sessions.
  • Membership: Our membership program can provide exclusive discounts on Forever Bare BBL treatments along with a range of other benefits.
  • Financing: We’ve partnered with reputable financing companies like Cherry to offer flexible payment plans that break down the cost of treatments into manageable installments.
  • Specials: Keep an eye on our specials page for current promotions or limited-time offers that might include Forever Bare BBL treatments.

Personalized Cost Breakdown: For a tailored pricing plan and to explore the best savings options for you, reach out for a consultation at House of Aesthetics Huntington Beach.

Discover how to make Forever Bare BBL affordable for you! Learn more about pricing and saving options on our laser hair removal page, or contact House of Aesthetics Huntington Beach directly.

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