What’s the difference between at-home microneedling rollers and SkinPen treatments by your experts?

While at-home microneedling rollers might seem tempting, there are significant differences compared to SkinPen treatments performed by experts at House of Aesthetics:

  • Needle Depth & Precision: SkinPen offers adjustable needle depths for customized treatment based on your skin’s needs. At-home rollers typically have fixed depths that may not be suitable for everyone and can increase the risk of damage if used incorrectly.
  • Sterility: SkinPen utilizes sterile, single-use cartridges, greatly reducing the risk of infection compared to at-home rollers that are difficult to sanitize fully.
  • Technique: Our experts are trained in proper microneedling techniques to ensure consistent, safe, and effective treatments. At-home rollers can be misused, leading to uneven results or even skin damage.
  • Results: SkinPen typically delivers more dramatic and longer-lasting results due to greater collagen stimulation and controlled injury compared to most at-home rollers.

While at-home rollers may be cheaper, SkinPen at House of Aesthetics is ultimately a safer and more worthwhile investment for your skin’s health and rejuvenation.

Ready to experience the SkinPen difference? Visit our Microneedling page or contact House of Aesthetics to learn more!

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