How does vitamin B12 support skin health, and can it help with acne?

While not a primary treatment for acne, vitamin B12 plays a role in maintaining healthy skin. Here’s how it might contribute:

  • Cell Regeneration: B12 is necessary for the production of new skin cells, promoting healing and reducing the appearance of blemishes.
  • Reducing Inflammation: Some research suggests a link between B12 deficiency and inflammation, which can worsen acne. Injections may indirectly help by supporting an anti-inflammatory state.
  • Sebum Regulation: B12 may play a role in regulating sebum production (skin oil). Overproduction of sebum is a key factor in acne development.

Important Note: A B12 deficiency can contribute to skin problems, but it’s not a guaranteed fix for acne. Proper skin care and treating the root cause of acne are essential.

For more information on B12 benefits for skin and potential acne management, visit our website or book a consultation at House of Aesthetics to discuss how optimizing your B12 levels might benefit your skin.

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