Can Botox make me look frozen or expressionless?

Botox, when administered by a skilled injector, should not make you look frozen or expressionless. Here’s why that overdone look can happen and how to avoid it:

  • Overuse of Botox: Injecting too many units into specific areas can overly weaken the muscles, hindering natural movement.
  • Inexperienced Injector: Lack of nuanced understanding of facial anatomy and muscle dynamics can lead to unnatural results.
  • Individual Response: Some people metabolize Botox faster, potentially requiring a touch-up sooner and increasing the risk of over-injection over time.

Techniques for Natural Results at House of Aesthetics:

  • Conservative Approach: Our injectors prioritize starting with a lower dosage and adding more if needed during a follow-up.
  • Precise Placement: Careful attention to injection techniques ensures Botox is targeted accurately.
  • Personalized Treatment: Your treatment plan is based on your unique facial muscles and desired aesthetic outcome.

Book your consultation and discuss your concerns about looking frozen with a provider at House of Aesthetics. Our aim is to enhance your appearance subtly and naturally.

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