Will Botox make my face look unnatural?

Botox, when administered skillfully, should enhance your natural features without making you look overdone or artificial. Here’s why skilled injectors create natural-looking results:

  • Understanding Facial Dynamics: Experienced injectors at House of Aesthetics have in-depth knowledge of facial muscles and how they influence expressions.
  • Subtle Results: Our approach focuses on softening wrinkles while preserving your ability to make natural facial expressions.
  • Conservative Dosage: We typically start with a lower dose, adding more if needed at a follow-up for a gradual, natural enhancement.
  • Personalized Technique: Your treatment is customized to your facial structure and goals, avoiding a cookie-cutter appearance.

Want natural Botox results? Communicate your goals openly with your injector at House of Aesthetics, and view before-and-after photos to see examples.

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