How long does brow waxing last in Huntington Beach?

Brow waxing in Huntington Beach at House of Aesthetics can give you beautifully sculpted brows that last for several weeks! Generally, results last between 3-6 weeks. However, a few factors can influence how long your brow wax holds up:

  • Hair growth cycle: Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate. If your hair grows quickly, you may notice regrowth sooner.
  • Lifestyle: Activities that cause sweating or friction around the brows (frequent workouts, swimming) might shorten the lifespan of your wax.
  • Skincare routine: Exfoliating products or those with retinoids can increase cell turnover, leading to slightly faster regrowth.

Tips for longer-lasting brow waxing:

  • Avoid exfoliation: Skip scrubs and acids for a few days before and after your wax.
  • Minimize touching: Resist the urge to touch your freshly waxed brows.
  • Follow aftercare: Your esthetician at House of Aesthetics will provide personalized aftercare advice.

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