Can Kybella worsen the appearance of a double chin if not done correctly?

Yes, if Kybella is not administered correctly by a skilled and experienced provider, it has the potential to worsen the appearance of a double chin in some cases. Here’s why:

  • Uneven Fat Reduction: Incorrect placement or dosage of Kybella injections can lead to uneven fat loss, creating an asymmetrical or lumpy appearance.
  • Damage to Surrounding Tissues: If Kybella is injected too deeply or outside the targeted area, it could potentially harm surrounding tissues such as nerves or muscles, causing temporary or in rare cases, permanent side effects.
  • Incorrect Candidate: Using Kybella on someone who is not a suitable candidate (e.g., due to severe skin laxity) could worsen the underlying issue.

Choosing a Qualified Provider is Key: These risks emphasize the importance of choosing an experienced provider with a deep understanding of facial anatomy and proper Kybella injection techniques. At House of Aesthetics, our Kybella specialists are rigorously trained to ensure safe and optimal results.

Schedule a consultation to ensure Kybella is right for you and to learn about our safety protocols. Visit our Kybella page.

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