Can I combine Forever Clear BBL with other acne treatments at House of Aesthetics for better results?

Absolutely! At House of Aesthetics Huntington Beach, we often combine Forever Clear BBL with other acne treatments to create highly customized and effective solutions. Here’s why this might be a great option:

  • Targeting Different Aspects of Acne: Forever Clear BBL focuses on killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, and improving skin texture. Combining it with other therapies offers a more comprehensive approach.
  • Complementary Options: At House of Aesthetics, we might recommend options like:
    • Topical Medications: Target acne at its root.
    • Chemical Peels: Exfoliate, clear pores, and reduce inflammation.
  • Personalized Plan: Your provider will create a treatment plan that strategically combines Forever Clear BBL with other therapies based on your individual skin type and acne concerns.

Discover how combining Forever Clear BBL with other treatments can elevate your acne results! Visit our acne treatment page. Contact House of Aesthetics Huntington Beach and schedule a consultation to discuss the potential benefits of combining therapies for your specific needs.

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