Can a PDO thread lift combine with other Huntington Beach aesthetic treatments for even better results?

Yes, you can often combine a PDO thread lift with other aesthetic treatments in Huntington Beach for a truly customized and enhanced rejuvenation experience. Here are some popular combinations and their benefits:

  • PDO Thread Lift + Fillers: Target deep lines and volume loss with fillers while PDO threads lift and tighten for overall facial contouring.
  • PDO Thread Lift + Microneedling: Microneedling boosts collagen along with the PDO threads, leading to even greater skin tightening and texture improvement.
  • PDO Thread Lift + Botox/Dysport: Relax dynamic wrinkles with Botox/Dysport while PDO threads address sagging, allowing for a comprehensive anti-aging outcome.

At House of Aesthetics, we’ll design a personalized treatment plan based on your individual goals and needs. Combining treatments allows us to address multiple concerns for maximum results and a refreshed, youthful appearance in Huntington Beach.

Interested in a multi-modality treatment plan featuring a PDO thread lift? Visit our PDO Thread Lift page or contact House of Aesthetics to schedule your consultation!

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