How much does Botox cost per unit in Huntington Beach?

The cost of Botox per unit in Huntington Beach typically ranges from $10-$16 per unit, and offered at price of $13/unit at House of Aesthetics. However, the total cost of your treatment depends on several factors:

  • Treatment Area: Larger areas or those requiring stronger muscles will need more units of Botox, increasing the cost.
  • Desired Results: Achieving a more dramatic wrinkle reduction might require a higher dosage.
  • Injector’s Expertise: The skill and experience level of your injector can influence their pricing.
  • Promotions: Many medical spas offer discounts or specials on Botox treatments.

Important Note: Rather than focusing solely on price per unit, prioritize choosing a skilled and experienced injector who understands your individual needs.

Contact House of Aesthetics to get a personalized price quote for your Botox treatment in Huntington Beach.

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