What questions should I ask during a dermal filler consultation in Huntington Beach?

A consultation is your chance to assess the injector and plan a treatment tailored to YOU. Here are crucial questions:

  1. Injector’s Credentials:
    • “What are your medical qualifications and specific training in dermal filler injections?”
    • “How long have you been performing filler treatments?”
  2. Experience with Your Needs:
    • “How much experience do you have treating [your concern area]?”
    • “Can you show before-and-after photos of clients with similar concerns?”
  3. Recommended Treatment:
    • “Which fillers do you recommend for my goals, and why?”
    • “How much filler will I need, and what’s the expected cost?”
  4. Safety & Side Effects:
    • “What are the potential risks and side effects with this treatment?”
    • “How do you handle if complications arise?”
  5. Aftercare and Results:
    • “What aftercare should I follow for the best results?”
    • “How long will results last, and when might I need maintenance?”

Open Communication is Key

  • Discuss your desired results and any concerns openly.
  • Trust your gut feeling – choose an injector who makes you comfortable.

Want expert answers to your filler questions? Schedule a consultation at House of Aesthetics Huntington Beach.

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