Can fillers improve both marionette lines and sagging jowls?

Yes! Fillers are incredibly effective in addressing both marionette lines and sagging jowls to achieve overall lower face rejuvenation. Here’s how they work together:

  • Treating the Cause: Loss of mid-face volume contributes to both marionette lines and jowls. By restoring volume with cheek filler, we indirectly lift and support both areas.
  • Directly Targeting Jowls: Fillers can be strategically placed along the jawline to provide definition and reduce sagging.
  • Combined Effect: Treating both marionette lines and jowls creates a synergistic lifting and smoothing effect throughout the lower face.

A Comprehensive Approach: For significant sagging, combining fillers with other treatments like skin tightening procedures might offer further enhancement.

Want to transform your lower face? Schedule a consultation at House of Aesthetics Huntington Beach to create a multi-approach treatment plan and discover the possibilities.

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