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How long does brow tinting last in Huntington Beach?

At House of Aesthetics, brow tinting can give you gorgeous, defined brows for several weeks! Generally, brow tints last between 3-5 weeks. Here’s why that duration might vary:

  • Skin type: Oilier skin may see the tint fade slightly faster.
  • Lifestyle: Activities that cause sweating, swimming, and frequent face washing shorten the lifespan.
  • Product choice: We use professional-grade tints for longer-lasting results.
  • Aftercare: Following your esthetician’s aftercare advice will help your tint last.

Tips for extending your brow tint:

  • Avoid harsh cleansers and exfoliation: Opt for gentle skincare around your brows.
  • Minimize touching and rubbing: Keeping your hands away will help prevent premature fading.

Ready to upgrade your brow game? Visit our Brow Waxing, Tinting, and Lamination page or schedule a consultation at House of Aesthetics!

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