How long does Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC last in the lips?

Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC is an excellent choice for lip enhancement and can provide beautiful, long-lasting results. Typically, you can expect it to last between 9-12 months in the lips. However, several factors can influence its longevity:

  • Individual metabolism: Everyone breaks down hyaluronic acid (the main ingredient in fillers) at a slightly different rate, impacting how long your results last.
  • Amount of filler used: A greater volume of filler tends to last longer.
  • Lifestyle habits: Smoking and excessive sun exposure can reduce the longevity of Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC.
  • Injector technique: An experienced injector at House of Aesthetics will strategically place the filler for optimal results and longevity.

What to expect: While results may vary, most of our Huntington Beach clients enjoy their fuller lips with Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC for many months before a touch-up is desired.

Discover how long Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC could last for you! Schedule a personalized consultation at House of Aesthetics in Huntington Beach or explore our dermal filler page for more information.

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