How can I fix a Botox result I’m unhappy with?

While it’s frustrating to be unhappy with your Botox results, here are some things to keep in mind and potential solutions:

  • Wait It Out: The effects of Botox are temporary and will gradually wear off within a few months. This is the primary “fix,” though it does require patience.
  • Communicate with Your Injector: Contact the injector who performed your Botox treatment and explain your concerns. They might have strategies to address specific issues:
    • Minor Touch-ups: Sometimes, slight adjustments with additional Botox units might improve balance or symmetry.
    • Massage (Carefully): In some cases, your injector may advise gentle massage of the area to help distribute the Botox.
  • Seek a Second Opinion: If you lost trust in your original injector, consult with a highly experienced provider at House of Aesthetics for another perspective and potential solutions.

Limitations: Unfortunately, there’s no way to completely and immediately reverse Botox once injected.

Contact the injector who performed your Botox treatment as soon as you notice concerns. At House of Aesthetics, we prioritize patient satisfaction and will work to find a way to improve your results.

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