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Is BBL Hero safe?

Yes, BBL Hero is considered a safe and FDA-cleared procedure when performed by trained and experienced medical professionals. The technology used in BBL Hero treatments has been extensively studied and refined over the years to ensure both effectiveness and safety. However, as with any medical or cosmetic procedure, there are considerations to keep in mind:

Qualified Providers #

It’s crucial to have BBL Hero treatments perform by qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons, or licensed practitioners. Choosing a reputable and certified provider enhances the safety of the procedure.

Patient Suitability #

During a consultation, your provider will evaluate your skin type, medical history, and any existing skin conditions to determine if BBL Hero is a suitable treatment for you. While BBL is safe for many skin types, individual factors can influence the treatment’s effectiveness and safety.

Protection Measures #

Safety measures, such as wearing appropriate eye protection, are typically employ during BBL Hero treatments to shield the eyes from the bright light emitted by the device.

Skin Reactions #

While most individuals experience minimal discomfort and redness following a BBL Hero treatment, it’s possible to experience mild side effects like temporary redness, swelling, or pigment changes. These effects are generally short-live and resolve on their own.

Sun Protection #

After a BBL Hero treatment, it’s essential to protect your skin from sun exposure and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Your skin may be more sensitive to sunlight temporarily.

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