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Is Botox Safe?

Botox is safe for most people when injected by a trained practitioner

Usually, botulinum toxins diluted and sterilized to prevent them from causing botulism. The FDA has deemed botulinum toxins safe for injections by healthcare providers when diluted and handled properly.

Side effects associated with injections of Botox include headache, droopy eyelids or cockeyed eyebrows, a crooked smile, and drooling. Most of these effects will fade after a few days.

Other less common injection-related side effects may occur in the area where the needle inserted into your muscle. This happens when the skin around the needle breaks and allows bacteria to enter your body. The best way to avoid this is to go to a practitioner that follows the FDA’s strict sourcing guidelines and ensures all equipment and supplies are clean before injecting you with Botox.

Although the use of Botox for cosmetic purposes is relatively new, many people have had positive experiences with it. Its safety is largely determined by its effectiveness and the skill of your practitioner.

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