I have an important event in two weeks. Is Jeuveau a good option for getting quick results?

Yes, Jeuveau can be a fantastic option for those seeking quick wrinkle reduction before an important event. Here’s why:

  • Onset of Action: While you’ll see some improvement right away, Jeuveau generally starts visibly smoothing wrinkles within 2-3 days for most patients. Some experience even faster results.
  • Optimal Results: You’ll likely see the full effects of your treatment within a week to 10 days, giving you a refreshed appearance in time for your event.
  • Important Considerations:
    • Event Timing: To be on the safe side, it’s best to schedule your Jeuveau appointment at House of Aesthetics at least two weeks in advance to allow for full results and address any potential minor side effects.
    • Individual Factors: Results can vary. Discussing your timeline with your injector ensures realistic expectations.

Schedule a consultation with our team at House of Aesthetics in Huntington Beach to see if Jeuveau can help you look your best for your upcoming event!

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