How is Moxi laser different from BBL Hero for skin rejuvenation?

Both Moxi laser and BBL Hero are popular skin rejuvenation treatments in Huntington Beach, but they work differently to achieve your desired results. Here’s a breakdown:

Moxi Laser

  • Technology: Non-ablative fractional laser.
  • Ideal for: Mild to moderate sun damage, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and preventative maintenance.
  • Focus: Gentle resurfacing, skin tone improvement, and collagen stimulation for a healthy glow.
  • Downtime: Minimal, with some redness and flaking for a few days.

BBL Hero

  • Technology: BroadBand Light (BBL) therapy, a type of intense pulsed light (IPL).
  • Ideal for: More pronounced sun damage, redness, rosacea, broken blood vessels, and active acne.
  • Focus: Targeting specific pigments and reducing inflammation for clearer, more even skin.
  • Downtime: May have some social downtime with potential for a few days of darkening/bronzing of pigmentation before it flakes off.

Which is right for you?

The best choice depends on your skin concerns and priorities. At House of Aesthetics, we offer personalized consultations to determine if Moxi laser, BBL Hero, or a combination approach would be most beneficial.

Let us help you find your perfect skin rejuvenation solution! Explore our Moxi Laser and BBL Hero pages or contact House of Aesthetics in Huntington Beach to schedule your consultation.

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