Is there any required preparation before my BBL Hero appointment?

Proper preparation is essential for achieving optimal results and ensuring your safety during your BBL Hero appointment. Here’s what you need to do at House of Aesthetics:

Before Your Appointment

  • Sun Protection: Avoid tanning or excessive sun exposure for at least four weeks before your treatment. Sunburned or tanned skin is more sensitive and may not be suitable for treatment.
  • Stop Certain Medications: Temporarily discontinue photosensitizing medications (discuss this with your doctor) and retinol products at least a week prior.
  • Skincare Simplicity: Avoid harsh exfoliating products or chemical peels for a few days leading up to your appointment.
  • Hydration: Stay well-hydrated before your treatment.

On the Day of Your Appointment

  • Arrive with clean skin: Come to your appointment with a fresh face free of makeup, lotions, or self-tanner.
  • Inform Your Provider: Let your practitioner know about any changes in your health status, medications, or recent skin treatments.

Detailed Instructions

House of Aesthetics in Huntington Beach will provide specific pre-treatment instructions tailored to you. Following these guidelines ensures the best possible experience and outcome.

Ready to revitalize your skin with BBL Hero? Visit our BBL Hero page or contact House of Aesthetics for personalized preparation guidance and to schedule your treatment.

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