Does treating smile lines impact how I smile?

When done skillfully, treating smile lines with dermal filler will enhance your smile, not drastically change it. Here’s how:

  • Natural-Looking Results: Our goal at House of Aesthetics is to soften the appearance of smile lines and restore a more youthful-looking you, while preserving your smile’s natural charm.
  • Restoring Support: Filler adds subtle volume to areas that have lost support due to aging, reducing the depth of folds and creases without freezing your expressions.
  • Subtle Enhancement: We take a conservative approach, gradually adding filler as needed to achieve smooth results that complement your smile.

Communication is Key: Express any concerns about your smile changing to your injector during your consultation. Skillful practitioners will work with you to create a refreshed look without compromising your natural expression.

Ready to soften smile lines and enhance your smile’s natural beauty? Schedule a consultation at House of Aesthetics in Huntington Beach!

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