Can under-eye fillers help with dark circles and hollowness?

Absolutely! Under-eye fillers are a fantastic solution for addressing both dark circles and hollowness, offering these benefits:

  • Combats Hollowness: By restoring lost volume under the eyes, fillers help reduce the hollow appearance and create a smoother, more refreshed look.
  • Improves Dark Circles:
    • Thin skin-related circles: Filler thickens the skin, minimizing the transparency that can make blood vessels look darker.
    • Shadow-related circles: By treating hollows, filler reduces the shadow effect that accentuates dark circles.

Important Considerations

  • Type of Dark Circles: For dark circles caused primarily by hyperpigmentation (excess melanin), topical skincare or other treatments may be more suitable.
  • Expert Evaluation: At House of Aesthetics, we assess the underlying causes of your dark circles and hollowness to determine if filler is the best option or if a combined approach would be more effective.

Tired of dark circles and under-eye hollows? Schedule a consultation at House of Aesthetics Huntington Beach to discover your path to a refreshed under-eye area.

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