When can I expect my lip filler to fully settle?

While you’ll see some immediate changes after lip filler, it takes time for final results to emerge. Here’s a typical timeline:

  • Days 1-3: Swelling is likely most significant during this period.
  • Days 4-14: Swelling gradually subsides, and your lips will begin to soften and take their final shape.
  • 2 Weeks+: Most fillers are considered fully settled around the 2-week mark, and you’ll see your true final outcome.

Factors Affecting Settling Time:

  • Filler Type: Some fillers settle faster than others.
  • Individual Metabolism: How quickly your body breaks down filler can influence the timeline.
  • Injection Technique: Your injector’s technique impacts initial swelling.

Patience is Key: While it’s exciting to see your new lips, allow for the full settling period to appreciate your final results.

Have questions about your specific healing process? Contact House of Aesthetics in Huntington Beach for guidance or visit our dermal filler page for more information.

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