Why is Botox priced per unit rather than per treatment area?

Botox is priced per unit rather than per treatment area to ensure personalized and fair pricing for each individual. Here’s why this system makes sense:

  • Individual Needs Vary: The number of Botox units needed to achieve desired results varies significantly based on factors like:
    • Muscle strength: Individuals with stronger facial muscles need more Botox.
    • Treatment area size: Larger areas like the forehead require more units than smaller areas like crow’s feet.
    • Desired effect: Subtle changes need fewer units than more dramatic wrinkle reduction.
  • Customizable Treatments: Per-unit pricing allows your injector at House of Aesthetics to tailor your treatment precisely to your needs for optimal results.
  • Cost Transparency: You only pay for the exact amount of Botox used, avoiding a “one size fits all” pricing model that could be less cost-effective.

Learn more about Botox pricing and how you get a personalized cost estimate during a consultation at House of Aesthetics.

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