LightStim ProPanel LED Light Facials in Huntington Beach
Experience Younger, Healthier Skin

Unveil a complexion that radiates health and vitality with LightStim ProPanel LED Light Facials at House of Aesthetics in Huntington Beach. This innovative treatment harnesses the power of light therapy to address various skin concerns, leaving you with smoother, clearer, and more radiant skin.

LightStim ProPanel LED Light Facials in Huntington Beach

What is LightStim ProPanel LED Light Therapy?

LightStim ProPanel is a professional-grade LED light therapy system that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to target different skin issues.

  • Red Light (630nm): Stimulates collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, improving skin texture and firmness.
  • Blue Light (415nm): Targets acne-causing bacteria, minimizing breakouts and preventing future blemishes.

House of Aesthetics Offers Two LightStim ProPanel Facials:

Anti-Aging Facial

Ideal for combating wrinkles, fine lines, loss of elasticity, and uneven skin tone.

Acne Facial

Specifically targets breakouts, reduces inflammation, and promotes clearer, smoother skin.

Benefits of LightStim ProPanel LED Light Facials

Non-invasive & pain-free
Safe & effective for all skin types
Visible results after just a few treatments
Long-lasting improvements with regular use
Reduces wrinkles & fine lines
Clears acne breakouts & prevents future blemishes
Improves skin texture & firmness
Boosts collagen production
Promotes a healthy, radiant complexion

LightStim Cost

At House of Aesthetics in Huntington Beach, the cost of LightStim ProPanel LED Light Facials is $50.

Ready to unveil your most radiant skin?

Contact House of Aesthetics in Huntington Beach today to schedule your consultation and experience the transformative power of LightStim ProPanel LED Light Facials!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is LightStim safe?
    Yes, LightStim is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to be safe for all skin types.
  • Can I use LightStim at home?
    Yes, LightStim offers home-use devices, but professional treatments at House of Aesthetics offer specialized protocols and optimal results.
  • How often should I get LightStim facials?
    We recommend a series of treatments for optimal results, followed by maintenance sessions depending on your individual needs.
  • Are there any side effects?
    Some people may experience mild redness or tingling, which typically subsides quickly.
  • Can I use LightStim on my neck and chest?
    Yes, LightStim can be used on various areas of the face, neck, and chest.

Experience the Difference with House of Aesthetics:

At House of Aesthetics, our experienced professionals personalize your LightStim ProPanel LED Light Facial to address your unique skin concerns. We combine the latest technology with personalized care to deliver exceptional results.

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