Is there an age limit for microneedling treatments in Huntington Beach?

Generally, there’s no strict minimum age for microneedling treatments in Huntington Beach. However, there are a few considerations:

  • Teens & Active Acne: Microneedling is generally not recommended for someone with active acne breakouts, as it could spread bacteria and worsen inflammation. Addressing active acne first is usually the priority.
  • Mature Skin: Microneedling can be highly beneficial for those with age-related skin concerns like wrinkles, laxity, and sun damage. There’s no upper age limit!
  • Health Conditions: Certain health conditions or medications might make someone unsuitable for microneedling. A consultation is essential for a full assessment.

At House of Aesthetics, we always assess each client individually, considering their skin concerns, health history, and overall suitability for microneedling.

Want to know if microneedling is right for you? Visit our Microneedling page or contact House of Aesthetics to book your consultation in Huntington Beach!

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