What are the typical side effects of PRP, and how long do they usually last?

PRP therapy is considered very safe due to its use of your own blood components. However, some temporary side effects are common:

  • Mild Swelling & Redness: These are the most typical side effects, usually subsiding within a few hours to a couple of days.
  • Tenderness or Bruising: Minor discomfort and possible bruising at the injection sites are normal and generally resolve quickly.
  • Rare Issues: Risk of infection is minimal with proper injection techniques.

The great news is that side effects from PRP in Huntington Beach tend to be mild and short-lived. At House of Aesthetics, we’ll discuss what to expect and how to manage any discomfort.

Want to learn more about PRP therapy and side effects? Visit our PRP Injections page or contact House of Aesthetics in Huntington Beach for a consultation!

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